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Value Added Services

Whether your circuit needs are FPC, PCB, RFPC or any unique requirement, MFS has the technical capabilities to assist you in achieving your product needs. Our engineers are ready to assist you in any phase of project.

Flexible Design, and Engineering

  • Comprehensive Computer-aided Design (CAD) and Routing Services

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) file and iteration with customers

Assembly, component procurement

  • Qualification and sourcing of components e.g. off-the-shelf components, heatsink, plastic, heater flex, etc

  • SMT, through hole, hand assemblies, box build, full range of testing services

  • Special product and manufacturing requirement e.g. customized testing services, dedicated assembly line

Flexible Circuit "Polar Si8000 + XFE" Simulation

  • Product stackup and simulation to fulfil electrical requirements